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World renowned entrepreneur and financial expert vows that you become unstoppable the moment you own this incredible superpower…

“After reading the copy Kendra gave, it made me want to purchase my products for myself. She is genuinely a copy expert! Highly recommended!”

Rionna, USA
(CEO, Radiantextensionz)

Putting red-hot thirst (in another person) that makes them want what you offer... is a RARE super power you can possess... that can change your life.

  • I know how frustrating it is as a business person to get customers like drops of water.

  • If you have complained bitterly about wasting funds on adverts and not getting new customers, you are not insane for feeling bad.

  • And if you are skilled but don’t know how to find clients for your services, or scale as much as you strongly wish, you are in the right place reading this.

It tells you something, friend...

Putting out advertisements, making posts on social media or sending emails will not make people become your customers.

...Which Is Why Selling Is A Superpower!

World renowned entrepreneur, Naval, said:

“Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.

If you are deciding right now to sell to make money, or you are already in business…

You should agree that you can do better than one/two sales per week… After all, so many people like you have their products sold out as soon as they launch!

You should also agree that you should get more clients than you get!

...and it matters that you master this superpower!

My name is Kendra Okpara.

I’m a Copywriter and I specialize in turning strangers (who are cold towards a product/service) to raving customers and fans (who are pleased with the offer and are hungry to buy).

What some people are saying:

“I was surprised at how great Kendra’s delivery was even though it’s a complicated topic. Thanks Kendra!”

- Milly, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marie Mason

USA (Owner, Liberty Virtual Solutions)

I enjoyed working with Kendra. She communicates well and in a timely manner.
Once she understood the scope of the work, she did a fantastic job with it and bent over backward to meet our expectations. It was a joy working with her and I will work with her again.”

Arinze Omoha

Nigeria (Head of AbitGo)

Copywriters seem to be everywhere now, but Kendra is among the few that bring passion to the craft. To her, it’s an art, not a business. I experienced first hand her amazing skill when with her copy, a fundraising project that was slow in response started growing immediately she started writing about the project. I strongly recommend her.”

April Carter

USA (Relationship coach and author)

OMG! Kendra did such amazing work for my website, sales page and email copy.
She was very easy to work with and super responsive. I’m so impressed that her writing matched my tone and personality which speaks to the amount of research she does to get your copy just right.
Welcome to the team, Kendra, and Thank you for making my brand sizzle!”

Here’s The Amazing Truth You Should Know

And you may not have heard this before.


Which means that you either sell a product, your skill, or your service.

Now, pay attention.

  • As a 9-5’er, you sell your skill, knowledge and positioning to get promotions/higher pays.
  • As a Youtuber/Blogger/Influencer, you sell an irresistible reason why people should subscribe/follow to hear from you.
  • To win proposals, pitches, or grants, you sell your perfect idea.
  • And to sell products, whether physical or digital products, you sell the amazing benefits to your customer.

But because you don’t do it well… you write/post content asking people to do something (buy or subscribe) and you get zero response… Sad reality!

You are not alone, too many people get it wrong 90% of the time!

And I call this the Deficient Seller Problem (DSP).

DSP reflects when you think that it’s all about selling something good. So you think that once you present a good product, service, or channel, people will trip over themselves to buy from/subscribe to you. 

But the Deficient Seller Problem shows you that…

  No matter what you do…

What you have to say is important…

How you say it is MORE important.

It Is Not About What You Say But How You Say It

Which is why it is a superpower to make people accept your offer EVERY TIME you present it!


It’s not even about:

  • How well you know copywriting jargons or formulas ❌ (That’s the lie they sell to you just so that they can sell you their courses and books)

  • How good your offer is ❌ OR

  • How well it will work for your customers  ❌

Be it to sell your service or your products…It’s not about all that!


Whether you prefer to do videos or you prefer to write to sell, learning how to present what you are offering PUTS YOU MILES AHEAD!

  • Imagine that you could write or talk to someone about what you offer, and they buy it almost immediately! 

  • Imagine how much more money you can earn from doing that- from learning how to sell!

Think about it for a second…

You could make thousands and millions in naira and dollars selling out fast!

How much money will allow you to direct your life and business exactly the way you want it to go?

…traveling and spending quality time with your lover and loved ones…


…having all the capital you need to start or reinvest in your business(es)…


…finally having excess money to marry the love of your life, and settle down…


…buy your dream car, shop for your designer clothes, and live in your own home…


Or maybe you are like me who wants to give your family full security and freedom…


…be able to provide for everyone, and ensure everyone is healthy and happy.


Or you just want to leave a legacy of achieving something great in your family, community and country.


…and like many people, you want to relocate japa from your country!

You Can Start Earning As Much As You Desire Using This Superpower That Has Made A Lot Of MIllionaires, BIllionaires and Trillionaires in Dollars and Naira

I went from a clueless student doing her extra year in 2018 (at UNN) with zero naira to my name TO a successful Copywriter and entrepreneur in 2021….

 …Because I discovered this superpower in a 7-Part Selling Method.

I learnt how to overcome the Deficient Seller Problem (because there is a seller in everybody) and started learning how to present my offer in an irresistible way.

If you’re ready to master this superpower and 10x your earning, then I’m glad to send you the 7-Part Selling Method which I have called ‘THE SALESMAN’S ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT’.

It’s a 7-Part Full Video course where I have broken down everything you should know to the most basic (I pride in the simplicity that many people overlook) and at the end of the course, you will clearly see:

  • Why the same event can cause different reactions when reported by different people- so that you can present your offer in a way that mesmerizes your prospect and makes him take the action YOU want. And not scroll away from your offer. A client tripled his conversion rates after I copyedited his copy because of this. (n Module 1)

  • You’ll also understand the reason why every single marketer goes on and on about the Big idea. You’ll fully learn in Module 4 what it is, how powerful it is, and why Mark Ford (the genius behind Agora’s $2Billion/year story) said that, “When it comes to marketing, we’re really in the business of developing interesting, arresting, and captivating ideas.”

  • In Module 4 still, you’ll learn why you must deal with objections first, and how to make bold claims that shake your reader up. (This alone 10x how easy you get attention)

  • You’ll see how much power the word “You” carries in your copy, and why my friend had to thank me endlessly after he applied the principle taught in Module 3. (Because your prospect is concerned about himself, and so your focus has to be on him)

  • I explained the three words that describe good copy in Module 1. So if your copy doesn’t tick these three boxes, you have to work on it, again. (Most times, it is not about big grammar)

  • In Module 2, you’ll learn why you cannot make a claim without proof because it’s like promising your crush a wonderful date and not showing up early at the restaurant. You’ll see how to earn your prospect’s trust, effortlessly, and why a 3rd party’s approval of you is 100% convincing.

  • You’ll also learn why you can liken your offer to a vehicle that takes your prospect from one place to a desired destination. You’ll see why it’s mostly a bad start to tell your prospect what you want to offer him at the beginning of your copy. Tsk tsk.

  • In Module 7, you’ll learn for the first time that greed is not a bad thing and you can use it to create copy that puts a red-thirsty desire in your prospect that he can’t wait to gulp your offer

  • You’ll understand how to use the Fear Of Missing Out, Satisfying Conviction, and Justifying both purchase and price so that your prospect gives you his money fully convinced that he did the right thing for himself. 

  • You can transport your prospect to his world of fantasy long before he buys your product by engaging his senses, in what we call imagery.  

  • You’ll also know the difference -in Module 5- between imagery and pictures and how important pictures are in writing copy. 

  • Intriguing storytelling can make you a better copywriter by 85% and you’ll know how to tell a good story each time, just like digital millionaires like Dan Henry. 

  • You’ll understand the Power of specificity in Module 5. Why ‘almost 300’ is more effective than saying ‘many’ and so much more.

  • Emphasis is important in today’s copywriting. You’ll learn in Module 6 why even an average copywriter will write more converting copy if he mastered ONLY emphasis in copywriting.

After each module of the course, you’ll get a task to test what you learnt and solidify your knowledge

“Your Copywriting course and community have helped me scale when it comes to selling my… service and digital products.”

Chinwoke Nnamani, Abuja

Hi Miss Kendra.

Your Copywriting course and community has been of great help to me honing my Copywriting skill for my business.

Your easy to understand and Practical Copywriting guides have helped me scale up when it comes to selling my skill as a service and selling digital products, your connection and mentoring in the community is second to none

I’ll recommend your Community to anyone who is committed to scaling up with Copywriting and Sales.

Thanks Kendra

“I used Copywriting to increase prayer meeting attendance from an average of 16 to 40! Used it for a friend’s political campaign…and he sure won. Also for my book sales, brand advertisement etc”

Gospel Ikpotokin, Portharcourt

I  use copywriting for a lot of things now; class prayer meeting announcements (we had our population increase from an average of 16 to 40! No jokes).

I used it for a friend’s political ambition (campaign posts) just a few weeks back and he sure won. Also for my book sales, brand advertisement etc…the list is endless.

It’s rare to find a tutor that takes you by the hand from beginner’s level to advanced with practical examples and exercises.

Should I talk about the community? Beyond the constructive criticism you have access to when you write a copy, you are constantly reminded daily by seeing messages on that page that you have a skill you should keep getting better at.

I haven’t seen any other tutor that comes close, Kendra’s copywriting course is beyond words.

“…Especially in my health and wellness niche, I leant Storytelling and how to use simple, catchy words to make people believe what you say… Kendra’s course has been the best I’ve taken so far.”

David Ezenwanne, Enugu

I finished the course the very first day I got it in less than 2 hours.

I learnt specific things like ‘Always get real proof for claims in your copy’.

Especially in my health and wellness niche. I learnt Storytelling and how to use simple, catchy words to make people believe what you say.

I must say Kendra’s course has been the best I have taken so far

“None of the tutors know and teach Copywriting like she does. I’ve grown to become a terrific Copywriter! I’ve been able to expand my mum’s customer base…and deliver better copy to my clients.”

Brenda Patrick, Lagos

I took so many copywriting courses before I met Kendra but none of the tutors know and teach copywriting like she does. All they did was give numerous books and videos on sales and copywriting… What’s worse is that the videos and books didn’t belong to them!

By simply watching every video in her course attentively, doing all the tasks in each module and taking all her advice seriously, I’ve grown to become a terrific copywriter!

In fact, my copywriting skills are so good that it reflects in my speech and interaction with people.

I’ve been able to expand my mum’s customer base through copywriting. I’ve also been able to deliver better copies to my clients…meaning more cash flow

Thank you so much Kendra, for being so passionate about your work. May God continue to enlarge your coast.

Much love.

“My confidence in writing copy and selling products has skyrocketed… And the progress I’ve made in the course of just 2 months…has been exponential!”

Kuyatsemi David, Benin city

November 2020, I was tired. Kept hearing and seeing testimonials of people who bought the same Copywriting courses I did.

And here I was, though I’ve been practicing…unable to successfully complete one page of copy, talk less of an entire sales letter.

But since I took the course, my confidence in writing copy and selling products has skyrocketed… And the progress I’ve made in the course of just 2 months of buying and implementing her knowledge has been exponential!

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to my Copy mentorship community

…Where lots of small and middle sized business owners (and copywriters) who have studied The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint are churning out copy and getting constructive reviews from each other.

I personally give my review, weekly, on copy that are dropped in the community. Usually, my fee for review is N5,000 for a 300 word copy but I do it for free here. The confidence you get from actually writing copy shoots you far beyond your expectations. This support group is for you to implement all that you learn, and get bold enough to put out your work!

It’s the confidence that many newbie and amateur copywriters miss, but you get it as fast as you want!

Because it is as simple as writing and daring to put it out… so that as a team, we all contribute to make your copy (to sell) EXTREMELY IRRESISTIBLE.

And the best part?

 You don’t pay for renewal of your membership. You join and that’s it!

“Kendra draws out the best in us, both in writing copy itself and building sustainable habits as Copywriters. If you want a -no BS, no fluff- Copywriting program, you should sign up NOW!”

Adewuyi Stephen, Milton Keynes-UK

Kendra pushes everyone in her community and draws out the best in us, both in writing copy itself and building sustainable habits as Copywriters.

Her expertise is clear to see as her insights, when applied, always improve the work done. I 100% recommend her course for anyone serious about Copywriting and Sales. If you want a -no BS, no fluff- Copywriting program that will eventually make you a great Copywriter, you should sign up for Kendra’s course NOW.”

“The amazing love, applause, and constructive criticism of copy in the community intrigues me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in Copywriting.”

Gracious Isoah, Abuja

I had followed Kendra for a while. She usually taught with so much simplicity and confidence. I saved for the course as soon as she announced it, and I bought it immediately after it was launched.

It was everything and more. I finished my course in less than 2 weeks. I have gained a lot of confidence and expertise writing for businesses. The amazing love, applause, and constructive criticism of copy in the community intrigues me.

I really loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in Copywriting

“My CV writing for customers has improved greatly. By being in the community and indirectly learning from reviews done there, I have written a copy for my laundry business that has worked marvelously.”

Adedeji Rabiu, Kwara

I followed your 100 Days of Copywriting on Twitter and then, I bought the course.

As I told you, my CV writing for customers has improved greatly as I implement tactics of a good copy in writing professional summary, career objectives and cover letters. Also, by being in the community and indirectly learning from reviews done there, I have written a copy for my laundry business that has worked marvelously.

Bless the day I stumbled upon your course.”

“By the end of the program, I knew what to do and how to do it.

I got a community and new friends who have been supportive and helpful towards growth”

Grace Olepa, Kaduna

I found out about The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint from someone I respect, Ajulu.

I expected to get a simple understanding of Copywriting and its core basics but I got more than that. It helped me to not only understand the core but to also build the blocks I needed.

Kendrakopy simplified the concept in the most simple terms and by the end of the program, I knew what to do and how to do it.

I got a community and new friends who have been supportive and helpful towards growth.”

“It’s the most corrosive yet simplified course on Copywriting. I went from 30 people per class after days of  publicity to 100+ in less than 24 hours using the help of the community to work on my short copy.”

Balqees Hamzat, Lagos

The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint (Copywrite your way to money) is the most corrosive yet simplified course on Copywriting.

I have been able to change my community members’ acquisition. I went from 30 people per class after days of  publicity to 100+ in less than 24 hours using the help of the community to work on my short copy.

“..Even the dumbest of persons could fully understand. The accompanying materials and access to her mentorship community themselves are priceless!”

Obonongo Udosen, Akwa Ibom

The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint was one of the best investments I made in myself in 2020.

The mere fact that it combines the basic elements of learning, audio and visual, made it very easy for me to comprehend. Miss Kendra really took her time to explain every single detail of copywriting that even the dumbest of persons could fully understand.

The accompanying materials and access to her mentorship community themselves are priceless!”

“I had knowledge of Copywriting prior to joining but I became closer to 100% after the course. The community and those assignments after each module made my lazy ass learn fast”

Chisom Ogueri, Owerri

My friend hyped the course so much I couldn’t resist. What I expected wasn’t near all I got. Asin who dey breeeeet? I’m not gonna brag but I can’t calculate how much I have earned so far. I had knowledge of Copywriting prior to joining but I became closer to 100% after the course.

The community and those assignments after each module made my lazy ass learn fast. I recommend this course a thousand times and one. Na you slack if you no join.”

The benefits of being on my own team; giving reviews on others’ copy, and  getting 101% results on each copy you write will blow your mind, like it does others!

I’m not leaving you on your own “after getting a course”… This is me working with you hand-in-hand to make your business give you the money you deserve… You don’t have to be the businessman who doesn’t have money to put back in your business or to buy the leisure you want to relass with. Wield the superpower of selling like a boss.

Beside being a member of the community, you will get:


A detailed explanation of the 8 Core desires of every human – your target customer is a human being. (N5,000, Yours FREE, When you act NOW)


A video explaining the two formulas present in every great copy. You should always run your written copy by them. (N4,500, Yours FREE, When you act NOW)


Why headlines are so important and how to get them right. It’s the first thing that calls your customer. If you seal your headline, you’ve sealed your copy by 60%


 The Greek Methods of persuasion- What each of them means and how you can apply them. Using only 2 of them in your copy makes you a better copywriter (by 73%) than the average copywriter. Imagine what using all 4 will do!


The 7 Practices for any copywriter who will be one of the top 10%. You learn why they work and how you can start practising them.

(Bonuses 3, 4 and 5 come together for N10,000, Yours FREE, the moment you sign up)


How to monetize your knowledge- There are one or maybe two things you are good at.
In this bonus video, I teach you
how to make money from what you know: how to package and sell that thing that you know more than the average person.

N5,000, Yours FREE, When you act NOW). I used this information to sell over 40 units of a product worth 10,000 in 1 month. 

All bonus video lessons are worth 24,500 but you’re getting them all for FREE when you sign up NOW...

You will also get my Email marketing guide (that normally costs #2,000) for free.

Some people think you're learning from a great email marketer:

And a free copy of my popular book, 100 Days of Copywriting

That’s not all, you will get a free copy of my second book,
'The Psychology of Persuasion'

Here, you will learn the formula of persuasion that I call ‘SEES’ and so much more. ‘SEES’ is the perfect framework for any medium of selling, long or short copy, video, or social media posts.

Johnnie Brickz, Ghana

I read your book, The Psychology of persuasion. I was intrigued by that beautiful book, which has helped me in a great way. I searched for your twitter handle after reading that book, and I found out you have other amazing books.

I must admit you are such a great copywriter, your works speak for themselves.

And lastly, as a bonus for the relaunch of the course, you will also get a copy of the new Client Acquisition Hack.

You get an outline of the main strategies that freelancers (content writers, copywriters, graphic designers, editors, web designers and co) use to land great gigs, and how you can explore those strategies for best results.

You will also get links to resourceful videos and profiles that will solidify your freelance career.

If you want to be a copywriter like me who writes for clients, foreign and indigenous), this bonus guide will help you to get started or if you have already started, to do better on strategies (or platforms) you may have given up on.

How much should you invest to get all these?




Good news is you don’t pay any of that!

For only N15,000 you can get everything!

Just applying a tip made an amazing online Jewelry store owner crack a difficult sale!

The very first time you apply what you learn from these materials, you can easily make that money back 2X, 10X, or 50X over.

Here’s a recap of everything you are getting today:

  • The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint video course + Tasks per module: You take the course at your pace. 

  • Lifetime Membership to Copy mentorship community: For support as  you master selling.

  • Special Bonus Video #1: 8 Core Desires of Every Human 

  • Special Bonus Video #2: Two formula to test effectiveness of your copy

  • Special Bonus Video #3: How to Craft enticing headlines

  • Special Bonus Video #4: Greek methods of persuasion

  • Special Bonus Video #5: 7 Practices to be one of the top 10%

  • Special Bonus Video #6: How to Make money off what you know

  • Special Bonus Gift #1: Get Good in Your Email Marketing
  • Special Bonus Gift #2: Client Acquisition Hack: Start getting paying clients for your skill.

  •  Extra bonuses: Free copy of 100 Days of Copywriting and The Psychology of Persuasion



  • The Student who is okay with daddy’s money and only wants to relass through life
  • The person who is expecting that learning how to sell means making 1 million in 2 days… (It’s possible if you sell high ticket products OR have a very large audience ONLY)

It's only for people who are building something:

  • On a 9-5
  • As a micro/macro influencer or YouTuber
  • As someone who has products/services to sell
  • As a student who wants to get a high-income skill.

…and want to master Selling your ideas, products, and services.

American businessman, Robert Kiyosaki, said,Sales = income. The reason so many people have low incomes is that they are poor at selling.”

  • How much more money would you make if you learnt how to sell?
  • What difference would more income make in your life?
  • What dreams would you be able to achieve?

 This is a very RARE opportunity to transform your life and business, learning Copywriting and Sales.

I’ve done my best and can only hope that you see this and take advantage of it.  Go ahead.       

More testimonials...

Neor Basteker, Israel

Kendra Okpara is a high-level copywriter that generates international exposure with the content she writes. Her marketing and persuasion skills are traffic generators for Crypto Bank.

Crypto Bank is happy that a special and professional person like Kendra is a pioneer team of Crypto Bank. Great appreciation.”

Founder & Co-CEO, Crypto Bank

Cat Duval, United Kingdom

Kendra is exceptionally on the ball. I would not hesitate to recommend her! (Although part of me wants to keep her a secret all to myself! 😉 Great and very professional.”

Founder, Nineyogalives

Karimi Mirianga, Kenya

You present Copywriting in the easiest way possible. I particularly enjoyed the examples shared in the course. They really helped as I was starting out. You are a great teacher.”

Apochi Obed, Calabar

The course was sincerely a practical one, and it opened my eyes to the world of copywriting as I knew next to nothing about it before joining. It was beautiful! And permit me to add Impactful! It has made me conscious of my posts actually.

Headlines are more strategic. Hadn’t had the guts of Beginning copywriting full time on Upwork. I have written a few copies which my clients said were awesome.

Lyndaline, Mum and author of How to raise a smart kid

Before I found Kendra on Twitter, I had been trying to figure out some aspects of my life.

After speaking with her, I was encouraged, I enrolled for the course and it has been a life changing experience.

I have discovered a lot from her copywriting course and the community is wonderful. Kendra is a  mentor that will never hide any secret from you, she is always eager to help out and she makes sure you achieve your goals

Daniel Oyibo, Ogun state

You are a good teacher. The course has been a big eye opener for me in copywriting. It also explained the point that humans actually have an emotional brain and to persuade them, just work on it.

Thank you so much. Its value is worth the price.”