The Easiest way to make money today -PAY your bills and TRAVEL the world- LAID before you!

You have wished your country's economy will not frustrate you any further…

How about you finally quit running around in circles, and know what many unpopular yet never-lacking Nigerian know?

…that makes them successful in the midst of a terribly harsh economy…

Does any of these ring true for you?

1. You just stumbled on Copywriting(a.k.a. writing to sell). It still sounds like Latin but you are gingered up to learnbecause you’ve heard about the freedom of time and money Copywriting can give you…how you can work from anywhere (simply writing for people who want to sell) and making ×3 what your employed friends earn. 


 2. You have been learning about Copywriting but you don’t know exactly what it takes to nail copy that churns in money.

You chuckle at the thought of putting your pen to paper…because where do you want to start? Let’s not even talk about measuring how effectively your copy may sell your offer.


3. You have learnt that your business needs copywriting to get more people buying your products and services. You know copy is easier and more effective than depending only on customers’ reviews or walking around physically. You’ve seen that Copywriting makes your ads and posts convert, and you want to be one of the many whose businesses go from zero to hero…but you’re not sure how to make this happen FAST.


4. You just want to make money. You want to understand how to make money online now that the Lockdown seems to prolong basic physical activities including school!


And in the midst of all these… there is nothing in your country that encourages you to make YOUR OWN money easy and be YOUR OWN boss!


But Copywriting has liberated more and more unpopular Nigerians.


Including myself!

My name is Kendra Okpara (a.k.a. kendrakopy).

I’m an author and a copywriting coach.
A graduate of Microbiology from UNN and a practising copywriter…

A practising copywriter because copywriting gave me more hope than MCB while I was in school, and has given me more freedom of time and money than MCB will ever do.

I was so curious to learn copywriting.
But I thought it was hard too.
However, I went from knowing nothing about it, and how to earn from it…


Giving myself freedom.

I want to show you what I did.

Established Copywriters Say You Don’t Need To Be A Genius…

a graduate…

or have a certain level of experience…

to be able to assemble copy that mesmerizes your target customer…

and stirs his emotion so good that he immediately grabs your offer.

I agree and I’ll prove it to you that…

You don’t need to know all high sounding theories or formulas…

to be an expert copywriter…


bold about your skill…

and is making an enviable living off it.


When I started out in copywriting, I was also caught up in that circle of learning formulas, hacks, and tricks.

I wanted to know how to craft captivating headlines like I saw in the copies I studied.

I wanted to find the patterns, and know the formula behind writing hypnotizing copy.

It was hard, and guess what?

It’s the reason a lot of people digress into other career paths two or three months into copywriting.

I gotta tell you, I considered leaving copywriting too.

Because what use is it that you learn and learn… and yet not arrive at the SECRET others were using to turn in millions in 3 days, and to close $1000 clients?

Also, this is another subtle common weakness:

I was too scared to write.

And when I wrote… I wrote in fear, trying to match AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) in my copy.

But as I worked with clients, I learnt what the problem was, and that was the beginning of my success in writing copy that converts 95.5% more than I usually did.



In a minute, I’m going to show you what the problem was.

I’ll also show you what you need to be one of the best copywriters selling well in no time.

And when I say best, I simply mean, that you write copy that turns in sales (50%, 80% or even over 100%) more than usual… and also have the boldness to close copywriting gigs.

You can sell anything. Whether you are a student or a working class or a graduate looking for a job or a stay-at-home mum who wants more…


You can sell packaged knowledge on ANY TOPIC you know (maybe an ebook- you sell for 1k each, or a class you- sell each slot for 15k), you can sell physical products, join a network marketing scheme, or be an affiliate marketer where you just sell stuff for people and get your percentage for selling.


But before I show you the secret…

  • If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up when you want, putting in just 3-5 hours of work daily, maybe in your pajamas on your bed, yet earning double, triple, or even 10x what your peers earn… then you should pay attention.
  • If you’re like me who resents the idea of working a 9-5, not just because many earn peanuts for their work, but also because you need more time for your family, and your God-given purpose, then you HAAAAVE to read on.
  • And if you just started learning about copywriting as a high income skill, and you are excited about the freedom and power you can get, this could just be it…the opportunity to do so much!
  • OR maybe you have been around copywriting for a while…but somehow you haven’t “cracked” it…so it’s not reflecting YET in your earnings: you haven’t been able to make at least a 100,000 in a month… if this is you, then you should decide right now that if this is worth your time, then you would grab your opportunity

Here’s the thing about this, and I’m going to be plain honest with you.

I started with 5-figures.

You may not, but whatever your first paid gig or your first sales turnover is worth… will only be a stepping stone that will strengthen your confidence till you are earning a fulfilling 5, 6, or 7 figure income monthly.

All you need to do is LEARN, IMPLEMENT, AND MAKE MONEY!

It’s very simple, I wonder why a copywriter would starve!

I found out what the problem had been…

The simple secret that the Fathers of Copywriting…

And all the unpopular wealthy copywriters (Nigerian inclusive) know…


Is That You Write Naturally…

Not formulars…jargon…or methods!

How to write naturally is exactly what I want to show you so that you quit running around once and for all!

I will show you the basics of copywriting and how to press your prospect’s right buttons so fiercely that he takes the exact action you want and hands you his own “hard-earned money!”

It’s basically Kendra helping you to unleash your copy prowess (just like I do with many others) and enabling you to achieve as much as you dare to dream with your skill!

Now, don’t be in a hurry, pay close attention to this:

The art of persuasion is NATURAL!!


Like I said before…

I understand that excitement and zeal to learn copywriting so bad, and be such a pro that you read all of the Boron letters, and all the books you can get your hands on… you just learn and learn.


But I’ve understood that just because it’s a high income skill doesn’t mean it requires high gymnastic (forgive the pun).


           “Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify…simplify.”

 Henry David Thoreau


If you have learnt so much already and you aren’t still making more money than you used to; you’re still meeting dead ends, then you should know all that isn’t important.


What is most important in copywriting is that you understand that it is simple, and all you need to do is implement, naturally.


I have coached different groups of people in programs where they learnt and practised copywriting, some of them had these to say, about how simple copy is.


I’m big on simplicity because when you understand how simple copy is, and implement it naturally, you’ll begin to see all those mountains crumble.

You begin to boldly close huge gigs (that people fear to close) including long term contracts. 


You’ll boldly render your services, and use your skill to revolutionize your own business, just like some of my students do.


There’s no hype here; no bullshit or empty promises around here.


I’m telling you ONLY what works…FOR ME and some others.

And I figured you'd need a community too…

After experiencing the advantages of a community in learning anything, I have promised to always provide that.

We overestimate mentorship, and underestimate peers.

So just like James Clear says, “Be in environments where your desired behavior is normal behavior.”

The GOAL is:
When you see everyone around you writing and learning copy with excitement, closing deals, and making sales, you will be inspired.

Some of my students agree

A community allows you:

  • Learn and teach
  • Give feedback that aids your learning
  • Speed up your growth

You see, copywriting is way simpler than you have ever believed, and you can start making your own money in less than 14 days, IF YOU PUT IN EFFORT.


It’s easier, way easier than any one’s ever told you.


You do not need any formulas or half-baked processes to start hitting it big.


You simply need:

  1. Lessons that help you unleash your natural ability to sell (and persuade) and
  2. The right environment to implement.


            IT GETS JUICY


With The Salesman’s Ultimate Blueprint, you get access to a community of like minded copywriters…


And I provide you with simple and strongly impactful copywriting lessons.


As you go through each video module… Copywriting comes alive to you! In other words, making money becomes as easy as putting pen to paper.


If you have heard or learnt anything true in copywriting, you’ll fully understand it and be able to explain it without blinking an eye… because all lessons have been broken down to the simplest form possible.


These are some of the things you’ll find in the course:


  • In the first video module, you’ll learn why the same event can cause different reactions when reported by different people. It’s the reason why one of my clients got triple his conversion rates after I copyedited his copy.


  • You’ll also understand the reason every single marketer goes on and on about the Big idea. You’ll fully learn what it is, and how to present it in your copy to 10x your persuasion.


  • You’ll see in Module 4 how powerful it (The Big idea) is, and why David Ogilvy says without finding it, you already know your copy will be unsuccessful.


  • In the same Module 4, you’ll learn why you must deal with objections first, and how to make bold claims that shake your reader up.


  • You’ll see how much power “You” carries in your copy, and why my friend had to thank me endlessly after he applied the principle I taught in Module 3.


  • I explained the three words that describe good copy in Module 1. So if your copy doesn’t tick these three boxes, you have to work on it, again.


  • In Module 2, you’ll learn why you cannot make a claim without proof because it’s like promising your crush a wonderful date and not showing up at the restaurant. You’ll see why proof makes your prospect trust you.


  • You’ll also learn why you can liken your offer to a vehicle that takes your prospect from one place to a desired destination. You’ll see why it makes it a very bad start to tell your prospect what you want to offer him from the start.


  • In Module 7, you’ll learn for the first time that greed is not a bad thing and you can use it to create a copy that puts a red-thirsty desire in your prospect that he can’t wait to gulp your offer.


You’ll learn about the Fear Of Missing Out, Satisfying Conviction, and Justifying both purchase and price so that your prospect gives you his money fully convinced that he did the right thing for himself.


  • You’ll learn about transporting your prospect to his world of fantasy long before he buys your product by engaging his senses, in what we call imagery.


  • You’ll also learn in Module 5 how imagery is different from pictures and how important pictures are in writing copy.


You’ll learn how intriguing storytelling can make you a better copywriter by 85% and why being able to tell a good story each time made several men digital millionaires, like Dan Henry.


  • You’ll learn the power of specificity too in Module 5. Why is ‘almost 300’ more effective than saying ‘many’… and so much more.


  • Emphasis is important in today’s copywriting.

You’ll learn in Module 6 why even an average copywriter will write more converting copy if he mastered ONLY emphasis in copywriting.


                                    THERE’S MORE…

At the end of each module, there are tasks to engage and exercise your soon-to-be-printing-money mind.


You have the advantage of a life-time community and tasks you can discuss among yourselves, just like I give my  students and they are better after each.


These tasks BREW the copywriter in you. I expect that you do each task I give you, and you discuss the lessons and tasks among yourselves in the community.


You get all of this for almost FREE!


NORMALLY… you get an instant access to the community, a life-time access to the course and accompanying tasks… for an investment token of #25,000


But. Because I understand how tough things are right now; the emotional and financial breakdown of many youth currently… you can get it NOW for the give-away price of #10,000.


After the President’s speech concerning the state of unrest, many Nigerians were willing to hang on a plane’s wings to Canada…


It’s that urgent to get away from a place where there’s no regard for your well being.

So the time to make enough money to make things happen for YOU is NOW!


Just click on “GET IN NOW” to make your payment right away, and start writing your way to a life free of worries, debts, and frustration!


Sincerely yours,

Kendra Okpara.

Once you have paid, send proof of payment to 09094216658. You’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the full course and a LIFETIME membership to the mentorship community.

PS: One more thing


I will also send you BONUS video lessons to make you such a refined copywriter.

I don’t give certificates but I make you a practical professional copywriter who makes the money he deserves.

  • BONUS 1: A detailed explanation of the 8 Core desires of every human -which includes your prospect/target customer. (N5,000, Yours FREE, When you act NOW)

  • BONUS 2: A video explaining the two formulas present in every great copy. You should always run your written copy by them. (4,500, Yours FREE, When you act NOW)

  • BONUS 3I: Why headlines are so important and how to get them right. If you seal your headline, you’ve sealed your copy by 60%

  • BONUS 3II: The Greek Methods to persuasion. What each of them means and how you can apply them. Using only 2 of them in your copy makes you a better copywriter by 73% than the average copywriter. Imagine what using all 4 will do!

  • BONUS 3III: The 7 Practices for any copywriter who will be one of the top 10%. You learn why they work and how you can start practising them.

(All 3 for N10,000, Yours FREE, The moment you sign up)

  • BONUS 4: How to monetize your knowledge. Besides copywriting, there are one or maybe two things you are good at. In this bonus video, I teach you how to make money from what you know: how to package and sell that thing that you know more than the average person. (N5,000, Yours FREE, When you act NOW)

All bonus video lessons are worth 24,500 but you’re getting them all for FREE when you sign up NOW…

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You also gain access to the right environment: MY MENTORSHIP COMMUNITY.


  • The 8 Core Desires You Can Hack
  • The Two Formulas You Should Run Every Copy
  • How To write Catchy headlines, dealing with 60% of your process.
  • 4 Greek Persuasion tactics
  • The 7 Practices of the top 10% copywriters
  • How To monetize Any knowledge

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I can’t make you a bad-ass copywriter but if you let me, I can provide you with all you need to set out on a confident journey, to become more badass than you think you are, and finally be on your way to YOUR own financial freedom irrespective of what is going on in YOUR country.

You SAVE 60% cash if you let me do that NOW!

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You’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the full course, to the mentorship community and all bonuses, as well.


If you really want to become a professional copywriter who’s good because you write actual copy and you actually ‘sell’, then this is your opportunity.

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