Benefits Over Features – Why Benefits Matter

by Kendra Kopy

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Every single word or sentence in your copy either benefits your prospect or should be thrown off the page.

There is no need to tell your reader something that doesn’t make your claim stronger.

Every story you tell…

Every feature you talk about…

and every statistic you mention should do 2 things:

  1. Make your prospect want to know more.
  2. Make your prospect crave your offer more.


 This is exactly why it is not enough to list out description of amazing features.

For example, The battery capacity is 20,000mAh.

Even if you make it more exciting like… Its battery capacity is amazing; 20,000mAh!

It still doesn’t intensify your prospect’s want for it like this example will:

Its battery capacity is 20,000mAh. Even if you don’t have power supply for 3 days, your phone will charge to 100% 3 times and some more… that’s if you are using a phone battery capacity of up to 6,000mAh and most phones are 3,000mAh and 4,000mAh.

Or see this

Every month, 85% of customers who buy our power bank come back to our store to get more devices. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with 20,000mAh battery capacity? They charge 5 phones of 4,000mAh battery capacity to full.

You get the point?


There’s always a benefit of every single feature.

There’s always a benefit of every statistic.

There are always benefits to see in every story.

So don’t just talk about features. Explain how each feature is of benefit. Every claim should be backed by a statement that proves it true.

There’s an easy hack to finding the benefit of every statement you make.

Ask the WHY or SO WHAT question.

Example, A survey on the relationship between stress and Arthritis showed it was true. (So what?) The survey was conducted by 100 scientists who had no less than 30 years of experience treating all kinds of patients with Arthritis.

So always ask the So what question, and you can keep asking the SO WHAT question till you arrive at the benefit of the benefit of the features.

You should leave no statement without a proof (beneficial to the reader).


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