Being Roman In Rome – Why you should be relatable in your copy.

by Kendra Kopy

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It’s troubling to read something addressed to you yet so unrelatable. Have you read a piece of content that was so relatable you felt talked to?

That tells you that when people read from you, they want to be spoken to.

In their language.


Language here is not necessarily native language as in French or Igbo.

First, it means writing like you talk-  human.

Less jargon and at the level of easy understanding.

Secondly, it means using the same terms they would use.

What are their problems and how do they talk about it?


I’ll tell a short story about one time I had to write for a client.

It was for a 3-in-1 health product.

It performed a lot of functions and I knew I had to narrow it down to one Big idea.

After research, I decided to work with Insulin production for Diabetes.

But I didn’t know much about the language of my ideal clients.

So what did I do?


I joined Facebook groups where they talked about Diabetes, their journeys of seeking solutions, and controlling sugar levels.

That was when I learnt how to measure sugar levels and units of measurement.

I learnt about Diabetic struggles:

How they talked about it…

The language they used in expressing their emotions…

The solutions they believed had failed and the ones that worked.

And that helped me to write relatable copy.

Of course, the results paid off.

Why should you be relatable in your copy?

Because your copy (content) will feel like it was written exactly for your reader (prospect).

He will pay attention to what you have to say, and your influence will be easier.

Your goal should be to create attention grabbing, relatable, interesting, and persuasive copy.

Will you be more deliberate about relatability?




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