Why A Copywriter Should Write Like He Talks

Copywriter, write like you talk. If you have had to write more often recently, either to sell or to put out content for your business (content marketing), you may have noticed that your writing doesn’t sound as casual as you may want it to.    Your writing sounds forced and formal. You may want it […]

10 Relevant Copywriting Books For High Performance Copywriters

“What books would you recommend I read to get better at Copywriting?”   This is one of the most common questions I get from newbie copywriters.   And as Jack Butcher said…   “Product is the answer to frequently experienced problems, CONTENT IS THE ANSWER TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.”   I’ve decided to publish this […]

Why Your Stories Work In Copy

How exactly did this happen? I mean, I hadn’t made a blog post here for a month now. But I put it up here today. Why? Well… Besides the fact that I just finished reading comments from readers telling me that my blog has been very educative, and that they can see that I love […]

7 Practices That Mold Persuasion Masters

Practice makes some copywriters better than others. Although all copywriters are persuasive, some place themselves on a different league due to deliberate practices (which you could call habits). The art of copywriting is all about persuasion. It is about convincing another person that the action you want him to take is best for him. However, […]

The 5 Levels Of Prospect Awareness You Should Know Before Writing Copy

In his book, Breakthrough advertising, Eugene Schwartz, one of the greatest students of markets, wrote about the 5 different levels of prospect awareness. Usually, you may think that you can simply copy a pattern in one copy and use it for another. Research and study of your market teaches you that this is not the […]

5 Things You Can Do About The Impostor Syndrome

You know that feeling of inadequacy? It’s the feeling that you don’t really know this thing? Or you are not so good at that thing?  No, it is not you being realistic. There’s a thin line between being realistic and feeling like an impostor.  I used to be like that… in fact, I still feel […]

3 Proven ways marketing boosts your business

‘Marketing’ is a familiar term in the business world, yet, many small and medium business owners do not understand it and its role in their businesses. Understanding the power of marketing, and mapping out marketing strategies is the fastest way to achieving your objectives as a business. What is marketing? The basic meaning of marketing […]

What copywriting is and what it is not

When you saw or heard the term ‘copywriting’ for the first time, I bet you were shaken up. An absurd word! Someone said, “I’m a copywriter” and you are just dazed. What? You copy what exactly? What do you do? I intend to explain it in this post. You are going to fully understand who […]