Hey there… I’m Kendra

As a child, I was very curious. I wanted to understand what made people behave the way they did: Human psychology fascinated me!

And as a voracious reader, I was quite the writer.

I was a creative writer in several genres until I found Copywriting a while after I finished college.

It was perfect for me because it combined writing and persuasion.

Persuasion involves human psychology… because you can only persuade, and sell to people when you understand people.

You’re here probably because you are looking for an experienced copywriter to write persuasive copy for your business, or you want to learn more about the art of writing persuasive content. (I’ve got juicy stuff you don’t wanna miss on the Blog.)

Whichever it is, you are in the right place.

I’ve had experience writing and editing copy for 80+ clients in diverse niches, including SaaS, health, food, beauty, fintech, financial, and information niches. This benefits you! How?

You can be sure your audience will see only YOU as their solution because they feel understood, safe, and sure with you!

I know the right buttons to press that turns a message full of industry terms to a simple, engaging YET powerful message that your audience can connect with.

No matter your niche, I will write knowledgeable content in your brand's voice that makes your audience love you, trust you, and patronize you. More sales, more revenue for your business.

You will get your desired copy that represents you well because I stop at nothing when I research...until I fully understand and communicate your offer in a way that your prospects find irresistible.

I understand perfectly how difficult it can be to try a new person in your marketing efforts, especially after you have tried different strategies (that you know) in order to increase sales… but even your advertisements don't convert.

I solve it all because you not only get high conversions with copy I write for you, but you will also see why the smartest business people outsource their Copywriting needs to expert Copywriters.

…. It’s because they receive high Returns on their investment (in copy).

Whether you want:

We can work together to reach your goals for your campaign.

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