2 Reasons Why You Should Write Exciting Copy

by Kendra Kopy

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“Exciting copy.”

You will  say this almost every time you read a copy that moves you to act.

You will feel excitement in your chest. 

Excitement doesn’t always mean “positive emotions” as in joy.

An exciting read will make you either angry, curious, happy, or even very sad. 

It simply doesn’t bore you when you read it.

The more exciting a copy is, the more it draws your reader or viewer in.

Because human beings are emotional beings, and take actions based on emotions.

It is how we feel that makes us take the next action. 

Example, you won’t eat until you are either hungry (emotion of dissatisfaction and maybe anger)…

…or you see some yummy food -or picture of yummy food (emotion of greed).

Point is we take action based on how we feel at that point. 

So one thing you’ve got to gun for when writing an engaging copy is to be exciting.

How can you write an exciting copy?

By being excited yourself.

You have to immerse yourself in the emotion you want your reader/viewer to feel.

And write from that emotional place.

This will do 2 things subconsciously for you:

  1. You use Power words at the exact time they make more impact.

Power words are words that bear an impact. 

The emotional impact on your reader (due to your copy) is not a result of what was said. 

It is a result of how it was said: the words and points that were emphasized, the points of suspense, and how each part of the entire copy unfolds.

When you write using words that bear more impact, you create unconscious excitement in your copy.

Example, ‘murder in cold blood’ is not the same as ‘kill’.

A real life test is when you want to explain an incident to someone.

Example, you got in a fight. Even if you were wrong, your narration wouldn’t bear the same impact that of your opponent. You will describe your part in the fight with less impact.

Getting yourself in an emotional state enables you to craft strongly emotional content. 

         2. You infect your reader with the same excitement. 

Excitement is contagious. 

That is why when you read an exciting copy, you get excited. 

You mostly find that your heart is beating faster and you have assumed an engaged posture as you read the copy.

So when you immerse yourself in the emotion and write from that place, you infect your reader with the same emotions you are feeling and want him/her to feel.

A real life test is what happens when a good story teller narrates a story to you. You see his gestures, facial expressions, and how engrossed he is in the story…and it sucks you in.

It suddenly feels like it’s the both of you alone in the room. You are completely hypnotized. 

Excitement breathes life into your copy. 

This is why Headlines and Leads are very important. They should thoroughly evoke emotions from a reader…while the rest of the copy continues in that excitement. 

If you want to write converting copy, be sure it is not boring.  


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